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ES Addendum Volume 1A: Main Report Update

ES Addendum Volume 1A

Fig 1a - Phasing Plan - Plan 1
Fig 1b - Phasing Plan - Plan 2
Fig 1c - Phasing Plan - Plan 3
Fig 1d - Phasing Plan - Plan 4
Fig 1e - Phasing Plan - Plan 5
Fig 1f - Phasing Plan - Plan 6

Fig 2 - Pre-settlement Restoration Contours

Fig 3 - Post-settlement Restoration Contours

Fig 4a - Site Cross-sections A
Fig 4b - Site Cross-sections B

Fig 5 - Surface Water Flows Restored Areas

Fig 6 - Restoration Landscaping Scheme

Fig 7a - Representative Viewpoints
Fig 7b - Representative Viewpoints
Fig 7c - Representative Viewpoints
Fig 7d - Representative Viewpoints

ES Addendum Volume 2A: Technical Appendices

ES Addendum Volume 2a

ES Addendum Volume 3A: Non-Technical Summary

ES Addendum Volume 3A

Revised Drawings

1439-01-02 General Arrangement revA

1439-01-03a Phasing of Operations Sheet 1 revA
1439-01-03b Phasing of Operations Sheet 2 revA
1439-01-03c Phasing of Operations Sheet 3 revA
1439-01-03d Phasing of Operations Sheet 4 revA
1439-01-03e Phasing of Operations Sheet 5 revA
1439-01-03f Phasing of Operations Sheet 6 revA

1439-01-04b Pre-settlement Restoration Contours revA

1439-01-05 Post-settlement Restoration Contours revA

1439-01-06a - Site Cross-sections revA
1439-01-06b - Site Cross-sections revA

1439-01-10 Restoration Landscaping Scheme revB

Schedule of further information and documents / drawings which are proposed to be superseded


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