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Environmental commitment

FCC Environment is environmentally and socially responsible in all the services we provide and in the communities where we work. We believe it is possible to be a thriving, successful business while reducing our impact on the natural environment.

Our commitment

  • Reduce our carbon footprint - limit our impact on climate change
  • Promote energy efficiency measures across the company
  • Increase the amount of waste which is recycled - send less waste to landfill
  • Use more renewable energy
  • Promote biomass fuels
  • Comply with all biodiversity and wildlife legislation
  • Carry out long-term monitoring and management of species and habitats
  • Protect and safeguard wildlife and biodiversity from municipal customers. This strategy puts us firmly in the growth market of extracting value from waste.

Our Goals

  • Meet or exceed annual carbon reduction targets - from landfill sites, transport and electricity consumption. In 2010 we set ourselves a target of reducing our carbon emissions by 2% a year
  • Retain Carbon Trust Standard
  • Restore former landfill sites to sustainable use
  • Plant trees and hedgerow and create new green spaces and habitats to benefit wildlife and biodiversity
  • Plant energy crops to create sources of low carbon fuel
  • Become more efficient and sustainable in the use of raw materials
  • Meet or exceed annual land restoration targets

People Focus

FCC Environment employs 2,200 people across England, Scotland and Wales at more than 200 different sites. Our workforce encompasses a broad-range of occupations from manual roles in our recycling facilities to health and safety practitioners and energy specialists.

Our commitment

  • Make FCC Environment a great place to work
  • Develop a highly skilled and motivated workforce
  • Attract and retain the best people
  • Ensure all employees are valued and treated fairly no matter what their background or role
  • Create opportunities for all staff to develop and grow within their existing or move into new roles where appropriate
  • Promote the safety, health and wellbeing of all our staff at all times

Our goals

  • Keep sickness and absence rates low
  • Employ as many local people as possible
  • Recruit from socially disadvantaged groups where we can
  • Employ former armed forces personnel if possible
  • Reduce staff turnover rate
  • Provide access to high quality training and professional development opportunities
  • Ensure strong career development paths are in place
  • Promote awareness of equality and diversity
  • Ensure recruitment reflects the communities we serve
  • Comprehensive reward and benefit packages

Health and safety

Nothing is more important than ensuring the health and safety of our employees at all times - alongside that of our customers, suppliers and the general public. Health and safety ensures our business runs smoothly and protects those who work for us or use our services.

Our commitment

  • To ensure the health and safety of our employees remains a top priority
  • To improve our health and safety record every year
  • To focus on prevention and risk reduction
  • To encourage change and keep staff informed through campaigns, traning and awareness raising
  • To foster a culture change in the organisation so safety is a 'before-thought' rather than an 'afterthought'

Our Goals

  • Improve pass rates for internal health and safety audits
  • To achieve a year on year reduction of 10% in Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences
  • To achieve a 10% reduction in days lost due to injury each year
  • To be recognised as a health and safety leader in the waste management sector

Doing The Right Thing

FCC Environment's corporate social responsibility strategy is based firmly on the principle of doing the right thing. This means firstly, building a succcessful and secure future by focusing on our customers' needs through the delivery of high quality waste management services.

  • To ensure fairness and openness in our dealings with everyone - whether our customers or local communities or regulatory bodies
  • To fully meet the requirements of all relevant environmental and waste management regulations and laws
  • To work with partners to drive continuous improvements
  • To ensure rigorous internal auditing systems and externally registered management systems are in place
  • To track and measure how we are doing against the targets we have set ourselves
  • To reduce incidences of compliance breaches at FCC Environment sites which means decreasing our overall score under the Environment Agency's (EA) Compliance Classification Scheme (CCS)
  • To rigorously enforce and improve compliance with all regulations governing leachate release at landfill sites. Each site has its own target and monthly figures are compiled for each site and the business as a whole.
  • To ensure landfill gas emissions are compliant and within green limits set by our KPI
  • To reduce the number of environmental complaints made by stakeholders

Forward Thinking

FCC Environment is committed to finding innovative ways to help our customers to reduce their environmental impact and become more resourceful and energy efficient. We want to play our part in the global effort to recycle more and use fewer raw materials.

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