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Edwin Richards Quarry

Situated in the Rowley Regis area of the West Midlands, Edwin Richards Quarry closed its doors in 2008 when the stone quarrying activities stopped and the landfill area had reached capacity.

Since then, the site has remained under the management of FCC Environment and we are now planning for the site’s long-term restoration.

Edwin Richards Quarry – Planning application update

Three planning applications were submitted to Sandwell Council on 11th December 2014 and subsequently registered by the Planning Authority on 30th December 2014.  Formal consultation on the applications has finished. Sandwell Council confirmed that the applications would provisionally be considered at the 24 June 2015 planning committee.

Three separate Applications -

DC/14/57743 – Variation of condition 20 of planning permission DA/10465 – proposed replacement infilling and progressive restoration scheme for infilling of the quarry void with non-hazardous soils, clays and excavation materials.

DC/14/57744 - Development of a waste management facility comprising a 150,000 tonnes per annum soil treatment facility; a 150,000 tonnes per annum waste recycling facility; a repositioned landfill gas utilisation plant; a relocated leachate treatment plant; a waste vehicle depot and associated workshop, office, parking and welfare facility.

DC/14/57745 – outline planning application (for access) for up to 281 dwellings (use Class C30, amended access from Portway Road, open space, landscaping, drainage works and ancillary works.

Exhibition information

Public exhibition two – November 2013

Thank you to all those people who attended our second public consultation event at St Michael’s School. Over 80 of you visited the exhibition to find out how we have progressed with our application. If you were not able to attend the exhibition, you can download the exhibition boards here 

We intend to submit our planning application to Sandwell Council in December. Until we submit, we remain open to receiving suggestions and views on our proposals. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

We will update this web page again once we have submitted our application and make the non-technical summary available to download.

Public exhibition one – June 2013

We recently invited the local community to a public exhibition which outlined our early thoughts of how we think this restoration can be accomplished.

If you were not able to attend the exhibition, you can view the exhibition boards here. 

We welcomed almost 150 visitors to the exhibition and answered their questions relating to our plan. Visitors raised interesting points and concerns but broadly agreed that the restoration of the site was a positive move.

Consultation Feedback

Among the questions people raised at the exhibition were the steps we would take to ensure traffic in the immediate vicinity of the site is not adversely affected by our proposed restoration activity. In order to restore the site, we need to allow vehicles to access the site and we will need to use one of the current access points on Portway Road to do this.

As part of our planning application we must submit a traffic impact assessment to Sandwell Council which identifies how we intend to manage vehicle movements to and from the site. The council will consider this assessment as part of the overall application and must be satisfied that our proposals are robust and do not place an unmanageable burden on the local road network.

A number of visitors also asked about the wildlife living in and around the site. We are in the process of carrying out a series of wildlife surveys to identify what, if any species are living on the site and if any of those are protected. This work has included our team searching for plants, insects, newts, bats and birds. By the end of August 2013 we will have completed the bat survey across the entire site and undertaken a thorough survey for badgers.

To date the most notable wildlife we have found is a pair of Peregrine falcons which are nesting on the quarry face. We will ensure that these and any other protected species are safe guarded or mitigation provided, through consultation with the Natural England during the planning process.

Continuing consultation

Our consultation is not over. We continue to seek ideas and suggestions from the community as to what use the restored site should be put once it has been safely restored. 

This exhibition was the first step in a process which will result in the submission of a planning application to Sandwell Council. This application will detail the plans for the site’s restoration and establish a firm timeframe for its completion.

As part of the process, FCC Environment is working with the teaching staff at St Michael’s School to develop ways of using the site as part of school lessons and to record the views of pupils. 

The input from all parts of the community will then be used to help guide our plans for the quarry which we will display in a second exhibition which will be held on November 7th 2013. 

This second exhibition will also seek feedback on the proposals to inform the final planning application which will be submitted by the end of 2013.

David Molland, Senior Planning, Permitting and Property Manager for FCC Environment said: “We would like to thank the people of Rowley Regis who came along to the event and shared their thoughts on the site and its future. We remain very keen to hear from people who are interested in the site’s restoration and urge them to contact us via the details below.”

Please call: 01457 819 380 or email

Image downloads

There some historic images on the Quarry that we have made available to download click IMAGES to go to that page and view them or download the files.

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